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In Chalkpiece, we use design as a tool to bring social change! To imply this to the world here is our research and design journey of Chalkpiece! Don’t miss to check our latest edition

#Design for all

Chalkpiece Editions

Case Studies

Education For Unprivileged Students
Education is for everybody as it imparts skills and knowledge There are many reasons as to why unprivileged people need education and how it is important for them.
Crediential manger
One of the module of Genie is the crediential manager application which focuses on storing the credientials of our accounts and to help us remember them.
Chalk lab 1
Chalk labs is working closer in enhancing the 3C’s that is creativity curiosity and critical thinking among the underprivileged children. we come up with an extensive ten week program which will help in unleashing the skills of these children belonging to the
Chalk lab 2
Biomimicry is a fascinating and novel topic of study for younger students.The problem was that how design a activity for kids that is easy to understand for them so that they easily grasp the concept of biomimicry.
21 Days Quarantine Challenge
The lock down had a great impact on the kids as well as adults. So, we came up with a 21 days lock down challenge for the kids and adults in order to cope with their mental health by providing them with kits.
Crowd Funding
As designers we wished to address the people who faced hunger due to this quarantine. People like migrants, daily wages ,homeless people suffered a lot from hunger due to the lock down and are still suffering.
Pudiyathor community @ Urur Kuppam and Olcott Kuppam
To give young parents a strong understanding of child development and the skills to raise happy, healthy babies. General idea: An 8-10 week long dedicated Pudiyador program for expectant and new mothers twice a year that

Food waste 

 As food is being wasted majorly everyday, we decided to make a “Food recovery pyramid” and make people aware about it, and how it can help in the reduction of food waste. So in regards to all the given points we decided to organize a food waste workshop using design as a tool.

Waste Management
Chalkpiece along with School4Change school conducted a one day design challenge to reduce the amount of waste produced to 2kg from 6kg in the region of Thiruvotriyur
Design for Women
We conducted a special women’s day workshop for the women working in Pudiyador Organisation. The event was mainly inspired from Womens for Design concept followed by Womens for Design Life.
Change Maker
Grassroots is an app which helps in gathering volunteering opportunities from different NGOs. We did a redesign of the app by checking the pain points and changing few designs to give the users a better user experience.
Portfolio Review event
Portfolio is Designer’s Index page, every project in a portfolio is a page to understand the person. So, we came up with a Portfolio Review event to help the designers/students

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